Superior General’s letters

Please find here the list of the letters of the Superior General of the Society of St. Pius X.


February 1982 - Superior General's Letter #22

February 18, 1982
The Pope although seemingly inclined at first to grant the use of the Old Mass has been dissuaded from doing so. The Old Mass perfectly expresses the Catholic Faith and is an effective obstacle to false ecumenism whereas the New Mass is the opposite. We need good priests which requires the establishment of more schools providing a good formation.

September 1981 - Superior General's Letter #21

September 21, 1981
Alas! How many Catholics have already lost the Faith. Nevertheless, souls everywhere are regaining their balance, deepening their Catholic Faith, regrouping around the priests who are, in ever greater numbers, coming back to Catholic Tradition.

March 1981 - Superior General's Letter #20

March 19, 1981
The Society's expansion requires a greater organisation. The work of the Society must be a work of faith and trust in Providence. The Society working amidst the shambles must continue its work of restoration especially in Mexico and elsewhere. The Seminary at Ridgefield is being enlarged and the Seminary at Ecône will need to be divided as it is too small.

October 1980 - Superior General's Letter #19

October 01, 1980
This nineteenth semi-annual letter coincides with the tenth anniversary of the official approval given to our Society by His Excellency Mgr. Charriere, Bishop of Fribourg, on November 1st, 1970. Let us thank God Who everywhere blesses the efforts of those who persevere in the Faith and in Tradition.

April 1980 - Superior General's Letter #18

April 13, 1980
We rejoice that many Sisters are taking the habit and making their professions. They are living examples of the vitality of Tradition. We too must live in a spirit of faith, hope and charity. True progress in the Church cannot occur at the expense of Tradition. Let us continue to fight the good fight of faith.

October 1979 - Superior General's Letter #17

October 11, 1979
Support of priests and faithful for Tradition growing rapidly. New seminary in the United States at Ridgefield, CT. New central headquarters for the SSPX to be organized soon.

March 1979 - Superior General's Letter #16

March 19, 1979
In this letter there is a transcript of the letter which Archbishop Lefebvre sent to the Pope on Christmas Eve in which he clearly explains the Society's position and in which he asks that the Society be autonomous and allowed to foster Tradition. This would benefit the Church in general and in particular. The Society's expansion continues.

September 1978 - Superior General's Letter #15

September 08, 1978
Notable events in the Church. More priests for the SSPX. Faithful are asking for the Traditional Mass and sacraments everywhere. Many vocations coming from everywhere also. The German speaking seminary moved to Zaitzkofen. Two new centers in Europe: Madrid and Brussels. In the US, the SSPX has acquired the center of St. Mary's, Kansas, site for future college.

March 1978 - Superior General's Letter #14

March 19, 1978
Let us remember that Providence has allowed this crisis for our sanctification. The Church is undergoing its Passion. The liberal's marriage between truth and error that has resulted in the New Mass and the dissolution of once Catholic nations, is similar to a cancer that is destroying the body of the Church. The Society continues its work and prays that families sanctify themselves which would create a better future for the Church.

October 1977 - Superior General's Letter #13

October 17, 1977
In the face of the constant progress of the auto demolition of the Church we have to react. All authority is at the service of life and ultimately supernatural life. Soon the seminaries in Germany and the USA will be obliged to move to larger premises.