Regina Coeli Report - October 2019: Summer Activities

Summer is always a good time to rest the mind and exercise body and soul. This summer, many camps gathered boys or girls in tents or around the fire pit. Camp leaders led them in adventures, healthy camaraderie, imaginative themes, games, and prayer. It is a way to help them grow out of the virtual network of modernity and plunge them back into reality, into the world of creation and of Revelation.

Along with the camp activities, many parishes organized picnics and festivities, connected perhaps with some uplifting parish event, like confirmations performed by a bishop or the blessing of a building. Not to forget the many pilgrimages which added a touch of reparation to the devout souls eager to reach a well-known shrine. These days of walking represent a faint image of our life-long pilgrimage to Heaven.

No doubt, many more activities have taken place in this past summer in various locations throughout the country. However, here is a little window into the lives of some happy faces in the hot summer days—from both well-known and rural parishes, like Green Bay, Wisconsin and El Paso, Texas, or the scenic parishes of Washington DC and even Honolulu, Hawaii.

Behold a faint representation of the universality of the Catholic Church...